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Mami Maeda 前田 真実 is a Japanese woman multi‐talented artist. She was traveling around the world by very famous Japanese TV program. Because of her character and her songs, she became popular in japan.

After her show, she started a carrier of singer song writer, and writer published a her novel with her painting.




And she released educational applications for kids as a singer. Her style is kind and warm. That grasp the hearts of pure children, of course, adults with that mind too. Her art goes beyond language and race and has the ability to infiltrate gently into people's mind.
As an international artist, she exhibited her work in international exhibitions and in several galleries in Europe.

“I would like to find myself through my art works.
And I can communicate with people by expressing myself.”

My art world is myself. For me, art is like a kind journey. Through my art works, I can find myself and more love. And you will be able to find yourself and more love in my artwoks.
We are independent persons. But, at the same time We are the one. I’m in you. You’re in me. It is very important thig to know yourself even from the difference.
I hope we can communicate and understand each other with sharing love themselves as let it be.